Saturday 26 December 2015

Puppy Update - Nearly 5 Weeks Old

Merry Christmas
~Westwinds Kennels~
From Andrea & Ashley

We have gone all out and are showering you with a ton of wonderful pictures to enjoy this Holiday Season! They are playing more than ever so we apologize for some out-of-focus pictures. They have moved out of the whelping box and into a lovely enclosure. The weaning process and paper training is going wonderfully.

We've used the same bows as last time to be consistent.

Gold Bow - Biggest Boy
Loves to cuddle, a little playful, and independent

 Red Bow - Runa
Our calm picture poser, curious, and sweet natured

Silver Bow - Littlest Boy
Energetic, curious, and a gentle snuggler

No Bow - Willow
Perky, playful, and confident 

Green Bow - Middle Boy
Playful, relaxed, and ready to cuddle

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