Sunday 3 January 2016

A Fun 6 Week Update

Happy New Year

It's been an exciting week, the puppies are full of energy and curiosity. They have been moved to a larger play pen so they can really stretch their legs. They love chasing around the adults and playing with toys. All the boys have officially been named: Pekoe, Tucker, and Diesel. 

Pekoe discovers a plush green toy and proceeds to carry it around everywhere. Sorry for the blurriness, he's fast!
 Everyone loves to pile up in the crate within their play pen for nap time
 Hey! We were sleeping!

His tail going crazy while he plays with Jenna 
 He's ready to start giving Leo kisses instead of the other way around

Also sharing kisses with Uncle Leo
 Tucker is practising for a future career in pole vaulting
  Diesel and Tucker having their first fight, just kidding, I caught a double yawn!
 Two pretty boys relaxing together

He's one long little doggie!
We'll have to make sure this toy goes home with Pekoe :)

This pretty girl can strike a pose
Another adorable yawn

Gorgeous girl ready for her close up
Here she is "showing" off :)

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