Sunday 17 January 2016

Almost 8 weeks old

These are a special bunch of puppies, their personalities are all so sweet, we look forward meeting all the new families this week.

All five having a nap, Diesel at the back
Diesel rubbing heads with Pekoe
 Runa on top of Willow, Pekoe peaking on the right
 Runa on top of Willow
 Diesel with Runa in the back
 Willow on the left, Runa on the right
 Tucker all tuckered out
From right to left, Diesel, Runa, Tucker, Pekoe (and Willow's tail)
 Pekoe on his back, and Runa above
 Tucker strikes a cute pose...
 And holds it!
 On top Runa, Diesel on the bottom, Willow's nose in the middle
 Double trouble, Diesel and Tucker
 Runa being playful
 Willow is ready to go back to sleep

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