Sunday 22 September 2013

Congratulations to all the new owners

Congratulations to all the new moms and dads on their newest-littlest-longest canine family member :). We are so thrilled that they have gone to such wonderful homes and couldn't be more proud of our first litter of happy healthy babes. Starting with some warm water and a little soap, the puppies were loaded up into the car and delivered to their new homes.  

The first picture with your new little one is very special so we wanted to share it here. Everyone always remembers the day they bring home a new puppy, all the excitement, nervousness, giddiness, and that smile that you just can't stop. 

Here are a few of the pictures that we've gotten of the puppies in their new homes. New toys, adventures outside, beach trips, please new mom's and dad's keep them coming! We'd love to share them.

We'd also love to see you next year at the 2014 Wiener Fest on June 14 2014. Join the Facebook page for active updates. Over 2000 doxies attend this event and every year it gets bigger and better thanks to Linda Collier.

On a final note, the Westwinds household has settled back down and Isabella is doing perfectly. Besides being a little bit of a suck the week following and requiring extra cuddling, she is a happy little hound as normal. 

Wednesday 21 August 2013

6.5 Weeks Old and Moving Fast!

There is no stopping them now, these little puppies are ready to discover the world. Making our job as photographers increasingly tricky! Enjoy the following pictures taken yesterday. 

But of course they are under the guidance of their family :)

Two beautiful black and cream females available. 

Play time is very exhausting.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

5 Weeks Old and Getting Playful

 It is time for fun and time to explore! 

The puppies are 5 weeks old and awakening to the world. They are starting to give puppy kisses and fully exercising their new tail wagging abilities. Please enjoy the following pictures and we also have new pics on the for sale page. We still have two beautiful black and creams available, likely they will grow up to be as stunning as their mother.

We would like to congratulate Cheryl on her adoption of Jasper (Cream Pie Male) and Valerie on her adoption of Molly (Shaded Cream Female). We are so happy that our puppies are going to such lovely homes!!!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Mother and Puppies Update - Week 1

Isabell's puppies are growing like weeds! She is doing extremely well as a first time mom and has even decided to introduce them to her favourite toy (which also happens to be elongated and soft :) - picture 2). We also suspect our little chocolate pie male may end up as a cream pie, his coat has already started to lighten so time will tell.

Jenna on a life jacket :D

Keeping it cool at the cottage and enjoying life

Sunday 7 July 2013

We have big news :)

They Are Here!

After days of waiting and false suspicions Isabella finally delivered four beautiful little pups Saturday afternoon, July 6th. We are so excited and proud of our girl, Isabell was wonderful through the whole process and delivered all four puppies within an hour and a half. Mom and babies are resting and relaxing, everyone looks healthy and happy.

How it went down....
Days ahead of Saturday Isabell had become fully attached to a corner in the spare bedroom. So, respecting her wishes we promptly set up some of her comfy favourite blankets. And then waited... waited... and waited some more. On Friday evening we came home to all the blankets amazingly arranged into a lovely nest with raised sides. Our anticipation built as evening came on. Boy were we wrong, after a sleep deprived night there were again no puppies. 

The next day in the afternoon around 2 pm I happen to be checking on her. She let out a little cry so I called my mom over to give her some reassurance and check on her. Isabell adores my mother, often following her around the house and gently pulling on her pant legs like a little girl. She immediately started to relax, laid down, and decided to take advantage of the back rub and rolled over for a tummy rub. We laughed and thought to ourselves, "hehe, another false alarm". We suddenly realized that contractions had started. Within only about 10 minutes Isabell had already delivered her first pup. 

The Litter - For Sale!!!

We are so pleased with this first litter in terms of variety. The rare chocolate or cream piebald is so neat, fondly nicknames "cow", he also has two small cream patches on his face and chest, and one back leg coloured and the other white. We are uncertain as to whether he will look like his father (cream pie), or be a chocolate pie at this point. This boy is big and healthy, hopefully he doesn't push around the girls to much ;). The two black and creams are almost twins however one was born first and the other third, these two are going to be beauties just like their mother :), one difference though is their cream points are brighter than moms. When mom was a puppy she almost was entirely black but lightened up with age. Finally, to our surprise Isabell has produced a lovely little shaded cream/red. She has a base coat that is cream with hints of red, black flecking throughout, and adorable cream points on her legs and muzzle. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine at this age exactly how the coat will develop. She will likely have nice black feathering, especially on the ears, this is referred to as shading.

Female - Black and Cream
Female - Black and Cream
Female - Shaded Cream

Male - Chocolate or CREAM Piebald 

If you are interested in a puppy please contact us! If you have already inquired about one, we will be e-mailing you. More pictures of each individual puppy are shown on the for sale page.

Sunday 30 June 2013

Isabell is almost ready to pop!

Isabell's pregnancy has gone extremely well and she's looking fabulous. She's into her last week now so puppies should be coming very soon. Enjoy the following pics of her playing with a feather yesterday, but of course she still needs her tummy rubbed :)!

What We're Hoping For...

      One thing we're particularly excited about is the genetics behind this breeding. As you can see Isabell is a black and cream, but has a bit of brown shading on her ears most likely inherited from Jenna her mother. When Isabell was young she also had a few little patches of white on her chest indicating she may be carrying for the piebald gene, again something she would have gotten from Jenna who is a dilute piebald. From my readings on various sites piebald is a dominant gene and the sire of her pups, George, is a full piebald. We have our fingers crossed for about half or more of the litter to be a variety of pie's, likely black pie, potentially brown pie, and maybe even a cream pie! The other half we are anticipating beautiful and classic black and creams. As always though who knows until they're here.