Friday 27 November 2015

After a long wait... We Have Puppies!

It's been two years since Isabella's first litter, but we're finally ready for another. Isabella was studded with Kona, a beautiful black and cream male from Classic Dachshunds Kennel. See their respective pages for more details.

This time around Isabell knew the drill, but we could tell this would be a bigger litter than the last. She smoothly delivered five beautiful plump pups on the evening of Nov 24th. Isabell was a pro through the whole process and delivered all five puppies within two hours. Mom and babies are resting and relaxing, each puppy looks perfect. Here is the story of their birth.

From the whelping box....
A week in advance of Isabella's due date we hauled out the whelping box. We were sure she would start nesting, but instead she jumped out, it was clear she wasn't ready to commit. Her Sunday due date came and went, but not without another little surprise, a snow storm with two feet of snow. 
By that evening, the power was out and I was struck with the flu, but despite all, our awesome wood-stove kept everyone warm and toasty. 
Monday, flu, no power, no puppies. Tuesday, flu, no power, no puppies, until that evening, and just when the lights came back on, Isabell decided it was time!  She finally committed to her whelping box in a quiet bedroom. She did amazingly well, every pup perfect and it was all over in 2 hours. 
The power was back on, the flu was passing, and we all celebrated. 
For Sale

Female - Black and Cream
Female - Black and Cream
Male - Black and Cream
Male - Black and Cream
Male - Black and Cream


If you are interested in a puppy please contact us! If you have already inquired about one, we will be e-mailing you.