Sunday 30 June 2013

Isabell is almost ready to pop!

Isabell's pregnancy has gone extremely well and she's looking fabulous. She's into her last week now so puppies should be coming very soon. Enjoy the following pics of her playing with a feather yesterday, but of course she still needs her tummy rubbed :)!

What We're Hoping For...

      One thing we're particularly excited about is the genetics behind this breeding. As you can see Isabell is a black and cream, but has a bit of brown shading on her ears most likely inherited from Jenna her mother. When Isabell was young she also had a few little patches of white on her chest indicating she may be carrying for the piebald gene, again something she would have gotten from Jenna who is a dilute piebald. From my readings on various sites piebald is a dominant gene and the sire of her pups, George, is a full piebald. We have our fingers crossed for about half or more of the litter to be a variety of pie's, likely black pie, potentially brown pie, and maybe even a cream pie! The other half we are anticipating beautiful and classic black and creams. As always though who knows until they're here.

Our dogs love to swim

Leo (Jenna in background)