Sunday 22 September 2013

Congratulations to all the new owners

Congratulations to all the new moms and dads on their newest-littlest-longest canine family member :). We are so thrilled that they have gone to such wonderful homes and couldn't be more proud of our first litter of happy healthy babes. Starting with some warm water and a little soap, the puppies were loaded up into the car and delivered to their new homes.  

The first picture with your new little one is very special so we wanted to share it here. Everyone always remembers the day they bring home a new puppy, all the excitement, nervousness, giddiness, and that smile that you just can't stop. 

Here are a few of the pictures that we've gotten of the puppies in their new homes. New toys, adventures outside, beach trips, please new mom's and dad's keep them coming! We'd love to share them.

We'd also love to see you next year at the 2014 Wiener Fest on June 14 2014. Join the Facebook page for active updates. Over 2000 doxies attend this event and every year it gets bigger and better thanks to Linda Collier.

On a final note, the Westwinds household has settled back down and Isabella is doing perfectly. Besides being a little bit of a suck the week following and requiring extra cuddling, she is a happy little hound as normal. 

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