Sunday 13 December 2015

Almost Week 3 - All Eyes Open

It's time for a quick update...
Earlier this week all of the puppies eyes opened, beautiful and big like mom's, and as of this morning they've started to waddle around. During our little photo shoot this afternoon, we got a small glimpse into their emerging personalities. 

The 1st female, with her bright points might be an energetic little one. She only held still for her pictures when she was asleep with mom and litter mates. Otherwise, she was always on the move and enjoyed giving Andrea's thumb a little toothless nibble. 

The 2nd female, with her long lovely body was the calmest of the bunch. She slowly, but curiously explored her surroundings, taking her time to sniff, and stretch out. We had some great pics in no time flat, the co-operation was much appreciated!

~The Boys~

The 1st boy is a cuddly one for sure and medium in size. Every time we set him down on the blanket, he made a quick and noisy bee line back to us. We eventually gave in to his demands and settled on some cuddly pictures of him with Ashley, but not before we got 2 great shots with him and a TY turkey!

The 2nd male is our biggest boy in the bunch! He so far seems like he has more of an independent nature, but turns to butter when we pick him up for some cuddling. We often find him at the bottom of the puppy pile, a possible future blanket burrower? A common dachshund trait :). 

The 3rd male is our wee little guy, even smaller than our ladies by a hair :). He was spunky and curious, but paused whenever we gave his chin a scratch. He already reminds us of our little Hank with his curious, energetic, and fun loving personality. 

 ~We love all our plump puppies~

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