Sunday 20 December 2015

Nearly 4 weeks old...

Puppy Update!

~Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season~ 

The puppies keep getting bigger and bigger, but they are still sleepy little babies. They've had their first taste of playing outside the whelping box this week, but those pictures are just too blurry! We had to wait for them to tucker out to get some nice pictures. We put up the tree and wrapped gifts today so we decided to mark the puppies with coloured ribbon. 
Gold - our biggest male, 
Green - our middle male, 
Silver - our littlest male, 
Red - our darker female,  
No ribbon - our brighter female. 
In terms of personality, our bright female and the littlest male are both the most playful and energetic so far, while the darker female and the two bigger boys are more relaxed and love to cuddle. 

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