Saturday 20 February 2016


Lilly is expecting!
We are absolutely thrilled to announce Lilly is expecting her first litter of puppies in 1 weeks time. Our last litter was fantastic so we're working with Classic Dachshunds again and Kona is the sire. 

Her pregnancy has been going perfectly smoothly, her quickly expanding tummy has her feeling a little uncomfortable now, but that just means exponentially more belly rubs. Her puppies are starting to do somersaults and we're anticipating a large litter with a variety of coat colours. 

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June 25 2016
Embro, Ontario

Canada's LARGEST breed specific festival - Dachshunds owners are the most passionate for good reason!

We will definitely be at wienerfest this year and we would love to see you there too! Take a tour of the site and consider registering your puppy for one of the many contests. Leo is our runner so he might be doing the races this year, come and cheer him on. Stay tuned to the website closer to the date for more details.

NEW and PAST Owners - Keep the pics/videos coming
Diesel and Tucker
These two boys are little smartie pies already, sweet, playful, and cuddly, Tucker is the outgoing one and Diesel is a little shyer. 

~Very out going and a sweetie with her large dachshund family. She has also been dubbed the toy monster as she hordes them in her dog bed~

~ Isabella's first litter~
She's a charmer, loves to play outside, and always ready for lap cuddling
Penny just being Pretty home from the groomers. It didn't last long as she has too much fun running through leaves, snow, sand, water. Just about anything in the pursuit of fun.
Just sitting on the patio resting. Big day of playing on the beach with her friends.
Fun in the kayak. Safety first, we always wear life jackets.

Such a sweetie!
 Looks like someone got into some trouble!

~Isabella's 1st Litter~
She is a lovable tyrant!
A cute quirk: she loves bags and purses if you leave a purse open on the floor she will go into it and take everything out of it. 

A spritely beautiful boy, his antics have been filling their home with fun and love.
Stealing the broom...
My broom now!
Catch me if you can!

~Isabell's first litter~

A BIG thank you to everyone for the wonderful pictures and stories. 

Does your dachshund go crazy after they have a bath? If the answer is yes they might get it from grandma Jenna. 

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