Sunday 6 March 2016

Lilly's First Litter...

Please welcome our newest litter born February 27 2016, 1 english cream boy and 1 shaded cream female (she will lighten up considerably). It definitely wasn't what we were anticipating in terms of litter size. Lilly is doing fantastic considering this has been a challenging delivery and litter. Unfortunately the male was just too big to pass and we headed to the vet for an emergency c-section. Like fish in a tank, when there are only a few puppies the risk they'll become too big increases. To boot, our little girl didn't choose a very good spot in mama's womb to set up shop and was born underdeveloped. She's needed a lot of TLC from us, it has been a difficult week where we have learned a lot, and everyone has become pro's at hand feeding. We've all been touched by her desire to be here, she's a fighter! The male has the entire milk bar to himself, needless to say his weight gain and round belly this first week have been a source of comedic relief.  Lilly is a wonderful new mom, she especially dotes over the little female. We'd like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the many vets we've worked with over the last week who helped us during this critical time. Enjoy the follow pictures.

1 Week Old Pictures
Other pictures from the first week
The female a few days old
Dreaming of more milk
Lilly standing guard over the little female
I'm so full of MILK!!!!!
The little female loves to crawl on mom

The female is currently not available, if you are considering adding a stunning english cream male please contact us for more information. 

Isabella back from the groomer looking lovely! We hope to have litter between Isabell and Shilo of Classic Dachshunds in the coming months. 

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