Past Puppies

Our most recent litters...

Isabell's litter of five was born on  Nov 24th 2015
Dam - Isabella (Westwinds Kennels)
Sire - Kona (Classic Dashchunds)

Pekoe 7 weeks
 Willow 6 Weeks
 Runa 5 weeks
 Diesel 6 weeks
Tucker 7 Weeks

Isabell's litter of four was born on  July 6th 2013
Dam - Isabella (Westwinds Kennels)
Sire - George (Sniff N'Tell Kennels)

Pictures taken at 5 Weeks old
Female - ML Black and Cream

Female - ML Black and Cream

Female - ML Shaded Cream

  Male - ML CREAM Piebald

Our first litter...

Jenna and Vincent (formerly Sniff N'Tell Kennels) 

Whelping Date: August 25th 2011

A few days old

About one week old 

Jenna, Hank, and Isabella

 5 weeks old

2 months old

5 months old

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