Our first dachshund in the family, Jenna has been the one to start it all :). She is the mother of Hank and Isabella.

Crickets Lil Jenna ML

Personality: Jenna is one of the friendliest dachshunds you'll ever meet. We knew we were in love when as an 8 week old puppy she walked up to us, flipped over on to her back, and pawed the air knowing we could not deny her a belly rub. To this day she still behaves this way with everyone. Jenna is a very smart, loving, tough, and playful girl who loves the outdoors. Jenna is no longer used for breeding but will help to raise our other beautiful pups. 

Colour: Jenna does not fit into any standard colour pattern, as a puppy she was an unusual piebald chocolate and cream. Parents where a black and tan dapple, and a black and cream so it was a surprise to produce a chocolate. However, as she has grown she is now primarily chocolate and cream and only has piebald showing on her face and the tip of her tail.

Jenna as a puppy 2009

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